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High quality 1000W 1500W 2000WLED Grow Light

Warranty for 2 years!!!

As long as the product isn’t man-made damaged, send it back. We will check and verify if it’s natural damaged. Our product have two-year warranty.

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Power supply: AC85-265V

Beam angle: 180°

Lifespan:>50000 hours

Plug type: US/EU/UK Plug

Shell material: AL/AL+PVC

LED type: SMD2835

Type A: Red(57leds)+Blue(24leds)

LED quantity: 81pcs per panel

Size: 180*180*20mm

LED power: 81X12.4W≈1000W

Power consumption: 100W±5%

Type B: Red(129leds)+Blue(40leds)

LED quantity: 169pcs per panel

Size: 252*252*20mm

LED power: 169X8.9W≈1500W

Power consumption: 150W±5%

Type C: Red(138leds)+Blue(72leds)+White(40leds)+UV(4leds)+Infraredlight(2leds)

LED quantity: 256pcs per panel

Size: 295*295*20mm

LED power: 256X7.9W≈2000W

Power consumption: 200W±5%

Type D: Red(60leds)+White(64leds)+Warmwhite(132leds)

LED quantity: 256pcs per panel

Size: 295*295*20mm

LED power: 256X7.9W≈2000W

Power consumption: 200W±5%

Type E: Red(78leds)+Blue(47leds)+White(24leds)+Warm white(76leds)

LED quantity: 225pcs per panel

Size: 295*295*20mm

LED power: 225X8.9W≈2000W

Power consumption: 200W±5%



There are five styles, the type of LED and the number of lamp beads of each plant light are different, these grow lights can promote the rapid growth of plants, accelerate the reproduction of plant fruits and seeds, and increase the weight of plant stems and leaves.


The light board adopts high-performance material aluminum substrate, which has a large heat dissipation area, efficient heat dissipation, and effectively extends the service life.


High brightness, low light attenuation, low heating, safe, durable, energy saving and environmental protection.


Easy to install and operate.


Whether at dusk or night, it can efficient extend and scientifically control the light required by plants.


Prevent overgrowth, increase freshness and beauty, promote growth and improve quality, accelerate ripening by sunlight, and market early


Suitable for all indoor growing environment: grow tent, grow room, best for growth and bloom stage. Popular in hydroponics, greenhouse, indoor gardening, pipeline cultivation, potted plants and other indoor environment.

Package Contents:

Type A/B:

LEDgrow lightx1pcs

Steel wire rope(one point four) x1pcs

A5 instruction x1pcs

Type C/D/E

LED grow light x1pcs

Power cable (2M)x1pcs

Steel wire rope(one point four) x1pcs

A5 instruction x1pcs


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