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GPGP Greenpeople 7/14/28 Days Herbal Detox Tea Bags Weight Loss Tea Slimming Skinny Fit Tea Bag for Burning Fat Health Care


100% natural and high quality!

Organic natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, no chemical additives.

1. E-Z Detox Tea is perfect for weight loss and decreasing belly fat. It works for both men and women who want to reduce bloating, lose excess pounds and get a flat stomach.

2. E-Z Detox Tea is a natural colon cleanser, purifying the body by eliminating fat and toxins, which results in clearer skin, more energy and better focus.

3. E-Z Detox Tea is loaded with powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins. It has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

4. E-Z Detox Tea lowers cravings, giving you appetite control and leading to easier and more successful weight loss.

5. E-Z Detox Tea tastes delicious and is easy to use. It is strong but gentle, and, when used with any sensible diet and exercise program, will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Youll quickly see the difference it makes!

Package Include:

1 x7/14/28 Days Detox Tea (According to your choice)


1. Control diet and regular exercise should be combined.

2. When drinking slimming tea, do not add any honey or sugar, the weight loss effect will be more significant.

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