Our Story

Healing Maker provide products, services, and opportunities for you to purchase that ultimately assist you in embarking upon the journey of healing, You!  

It seems that we have come to a critical point in the existence of humankind. People across the globe are experiencing a feeling of being “stuck.”  Families are broken, marriages are severed, children are hurt, churches are splitting, criminals are running free, and love in its pure form seems unfound. People are looking for ways to heal not only the world, but themselves. 

Welcome to the world of the “Healing Maker!”

Tenio Cousin is the CEO and owner of Healing Maker. With a background and training through Berklee School of Music, About faces Model and Talent Agency, and The University of West GA (MA – Psychology and Education), he has had the opportunity to be a Professional Host and DJ with Carnival Cruise lines, a motivational speaker, author, College educator, singer-songwriter, percussionist, keyboardists, actor, model, and US Army Veteran. He has traveled abroad to entertain, speak, teach, and train human service professionals, faith-based groups, and many leadership organizations on varying aspects of Human Growth, Potential, and Development.



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